Lucas Valente Wins 3rd Coast Grappling Main Event In Just Over One Minute

Image Source: Hosanna Rull Photography/ 3rd Coast Grappling

After an exciting night of matches, the 3rd Coast Grappling Qualifiers II event was over in a flash when the main event began.

The final match of the night, which saw Bill Cooper face off against Lucas Valente, was set to be a highly technical match between two accomplished grapplers, and in the end, Valente put on a workshop of how details and precision can mean the difference between a struggle and a quick victory.

The match began with Valente immediately pulling guard and sweeping Cooper. Cooper was able to recover, ending up back in Valente’s closed guard, but Valente was quick to sweep him again and work his way into mount. Valente then wasted no time setting up an armbar, and although Cooper did a good job defending, his attempt to escape by rolling out of it gave Cooper the opportunity to secure a belly-down armbar right at the edge of the mats, ending the match in about a minute and five seconds.

Valente’s quick finish of a formidable opponent like Cooper was impressive not only for its speed, but for its contribution to the proof that basic techniques do work when your details are fine-tuned. Truly, none of the moves Valente used against Cooper were anything that a week-one jiu-jitsu student couldn’t learn, but years and years of perfecting his art had turned even such simple techniques into something that could finish a qualified black belt in under seventy seconds.

You can watch the full 3CG: The Qualifiers II event below for free:


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