Mackenzie Dern Misses Weight By 7 Pounds Ahead Of UFC 224

Although jiu-jitsu-star-turned-MMA-fighter Mackenzie Dern (6-0) has had a successful career in the cage thus far, her battle to make weight for her fights has proven to be more of a challenge than the matches themselves.

When Dern stepped on the scale for the UFC 224 weigh-ins, she was once again far too heavy for the strawweight category, coming in at 123 lbs — seven pounds over the limit. Dern’s opponent, Amanda Cooper, weighed in at 116 lbs.

Dern’s struggles to make weight for her fights have been widely criticized by the martial arts community. Failing to make weight, especially with pounds to spare, is considered disrespectful and a breach of contract. Dern may be fined by the Brazilian MMA commission, and if Cooper’s team decides to move the fight to catchweight, she’ll be able to demand a portion of Dern’s purse.


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