Mackenzie Dern Subs Kaline Medeiros In The Final Seconds Of Round 3 Via Arm Bar

Mackenzie Dern is continuing her rampage through MMA.

Dern, who is also one of the biggest names in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, is now 5-0 in mixed martial arts, earning her latest win via arm bar.

Mackenzie took on Kaline Medeiros in the co-main event of Invicta 26, and she was eager to show the world that she could do more than grapple.

Dern started with a jab followed by a leg kick. Kaline returned. Big 1-2 by Dern but she missed. Still, she was able to follow with a leg kick. 1-2 head kick by Dern. Mackenzie did most of the chasing and came in with a kick, but Medeiros caught it and took her down. Dern, despite her BJJ background, chose to get right back up and continue striking, though.

Mackenzie continued to chase Kaline and hit her with a big overhand, then chased her again. Dern then got in the clinch and pressed Medeiros up against the cage. Dern hit her with a knee, but Kaline spun out. Another huge right by Dern and Kaline continued running. She wanted no part of Dern. Medeiros seemed a little off balance fighting in the last minute of the round. The two clinched in the last 30 seconds. Dern tried to take her down but the round ended with Kaline pressing Dern against the cage.

Dern started out the second round with a body kick. Medeiros stayed on the outside. Some back and forth kicking between the two. Kaline caught Dern’s kick, but struggled to take her down, pressing her up against the cage. Medeiros tried to control Dern’s posture on the fence.

The two broke up and Dern tried to hit her on the way out, but missed. Mackenzie threw another overhand right and followed up with a guillotine. She missed, though. She went for a throw, but Kaline landed on Dern’s back. Mackenzie, however, ended up with the upper hand, trying to go for a knee bar. Dern gave up on it and transitioned to mount and rained down some heavy strikes. Kaline rolled over, but gave up her back as the clock wound down. Medeiros survived, but the round was all Mackenzie.

Third and final round. Kaline ate a huge punch, but followed up with a big takedown on Dern. Wanting no part of the BJJ Champion, Kaline stood back so Dern would get up.

Mackenzie pressed Kaline on the fence but Medeiros spun out and pushed Dern on the fence. She peppered Mackenzie with some punches, but nothing too hard. Medeiros backed off and landed some shots.

Again, Mackenzie went for an overhand right, but she didn’t land anything. She did, however, continue to chase Kaline. Medeiros, however, rushed in and pressed Mackenzie on the fence again.

Dern landed a takedown and easily moved to mount. Kaline held on to avoid another onslaught of punches. She made the mistake of leaving her arm exposed, though, and Dern took advantage, grabbing the arm and landing an arm bar, ending the match only seconds before the end of the round. .


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