Marcus ´Buchecha´ Almeida Defeats Leandro Lo Via Unanimous Decision

Marcus Almeida ¨Buchecha¨ is walking out of the IBJJF Pro League Heavyweight Grand Prix $10,000 richer.

Buchecha — widely considered one of the best grapplers in the world right now — defeated Leandro Lo in the finals. Leandro pulled guard over and over again, utilizing a De La Riva and other guards to keep Almeida at bay.

Buchecha, however, was always the aggressor, constantly trying to pass.

Lo scored a sweep early in the match, but he was unable to get on top, leaving him with an advantage. It would have been enough to win had Buchecha not tied their match with an advantage of his own.

No one envied the referees when the 10-minute battle came to an end. Marcus had spent the entire ten minutes trying to pass and Leandro had spent the entire ten minutes keeping him at bay.

The judges must have valued offense more than defense, though, because all three of them awarded the fight to Marcus Almeida ¨Buchecha¨!


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