Marcus Buchecha Becomes Guinness Record Holder For BJJ Golds

Photo/Instagram: marcusbuchecha

Marcus Vinicius “Buchecha” Almeida has joined the annals of history alongside superlatives like Oldest Professional Club DJ (his name is DJ Sumirock), Heaviest Strongman Deadlift (Eddie Hall’s 500kg), and This Female Dog Named Geronimo Who Is Incredibly Good At Double Dutch.

Buchecha is listed as the athlete with the most world champion gold medals in jiu-jitsu.

A black belt under Rodrigo Cavaca, Buchecha is the winningest black belt in the sport having beaten Roger Gracie’s record of IBJJF championship wins back in 2016. He currently has 11 world titles on his mantle.

Buchecha became the most medaled champ and Guinness Record holder all before turning 29 (yesterday, January 8th, actually) in case you didn’t already feel like you wasted the best years of your life.

Congratulations Marcus!


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