Matt Brown Elbows Diego Sanchez’s Lights Out In The First Round

If tonight is Matt Brown’s last fight, he is ending his career with an exclamation point.

The “Immortal” Matt Brown took on “The Nightmare” Diego Sanchez tonight in Norfolk, Virginia, at UFC Fight Night 120.

Diego rushed in and shot for a takedown. Sanchez pressed Brown up against the cage trying to twist him around with a single leg. Matt returned with some knees as Sanchez continued to press him up against the cage.

The two broke away and Diego hit a nice left and then shot in again…and they were back on the cage. Matt circled off, though, and they were back in the middle. Diego charged in with a 1-2 punch and again shot in for a single, but couldn’t hold it. Round house by Sanchez but Matt caught it. Diego hit a hard liver shot but didn’t follow up. Kick by Brown and this time Diego caught it, and a kick by Diego and Brown caught it, and Matt launched a huge elbow behind Diego’s ear, putting The Nightmare to sleep in the first!

After the knockout, though, Brown showed Sanchez nothing but the utmost respect, picking him up and asking the audience to show him respect.

Despite talk of retirement, Brown did not say whether or not this would be his last fight.

Congratulations to Matt Brown!


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