Matt Serra Manhandles A Belligerent Drunk Guy At a Restaurant

Source: Youtube

What the heck was this guy thinking? Starting a fight with Matt Serra — a man who not only trains Chris Weidman (the first guy in the UFC to defeat Anderson Silva) but is one of only two men to have beaten UFC legend Georges St-Pierre??? He must have had some really hard liquor!

The incident was captured on a video posted on Youtube early this morning. The video starts out with Serra laughing into the camera about the man’s drunk female companion. The woman is so drunk that Serra describes the situation as being like “Weekend At Bernie’s” referring to the 1989 comedy about two men trying to pass off their dead boss as being alive.

There’s no indication that the man trying to help his drunk female partner heard Serra, however, the camera goes off, and when it comes back on, Matt Serra is on top of the man and holding him down with ease. The man is drunk, and keeps shouting obscenities and threats at Serra, but the former UFC Welterweight Champion just smiles and tells him to “calm down.” The man’s female companion cheers the drunk on, clearly having no idea whom he’s up against.

Someone working for the restaurant, probably the manager, eventually comes along and breaks the two up. The drunk man, perhaps mistaking the manager for a cop, says he’s pressing charges against Serra.

No word yet if any charges were pressed, but we doubt Matt Serra is in any type of trouble.

Check out the video below.


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