Max ‘Blessed’ Holloway TKO’s Bloodied Jose Aldo In The Third To Retain Featherweight Title

Max “Blessed” Holloway is still the UFC Featherweight Champion of the world.

Blessed took on former champion Jose Aldo in the main event of UFC 218.  Jose was hoping to make up from his loss at the hands of the champion back in June.

Holloway started out light on his feet and worked the jab. The two felt each other out. Aldo stayed cautious, but hit a huge leg kick. Holloway chased him around the cage a bit. Holloway charged in but Jose hit him with a couple of shots on the way in.  There was a little redness under the eye of Aldo.  The champion stung his opponent with a right hand. Holloway kept his hands low and wide.  Head kick by Max, who remained the busier man throughout the first round. Holloway challenged Aldo to come in and hit him and Jose obliged, charging in. Max complimented him afterward.

No Vaseline under the eye of Jose before Round 2. Stiff jab by Holloway, who pushed the pace. Flurry by Aldo, though. Holloway pressed forward off a jab. Max charged in with punches. Big leg kick by Jose followed by another… and another. Clinch by Aldo and attempted trip but couldn’t get Holloway down. Jose continued to chop away at Holloway’s leg. Max didn’t seem bothered, though. Spinning back kick by Max. Nice exchange by both fighters and the crowd cheered. Flying knee by Holloway, but it doesn’t land.

Round 3. Again Holloway pushed the pace. Knee by Aldo followed by a leg kick. Jose clinched and hit an elbow on the break. Jab by Aldo. Max tried to charge in but Aldo met hi met him with a flurry. Max chased him around the outside of the cage but Jose’s head movement kept him out of harm’s way.

Jose breathed with his mouth open but stayed in it. Holloway didn’t even look tired. He even had enough energy to taunt his opponent.

Big overhand right by Holloway. Holloway came on strong and Aldo faded. Max went for the body and head, nailing some huge punches all over his opponent. Aldo swung like crazy but bled like a stuck pig and seemed out of it. The fight went to the ground and Holloway ended up on top. Max got on the back and hammered away. Aldo turned to his back and tried to stay in it, but to no avail. Referee Herb Dean had no choice but to step in and end the fight in the third round…the same round their first fight ended in.

Winner by third round TKO and still UFC Featherweight Champion: Max “Blessed” Holloway!

Despite the trash talk, Holloway showed nothing but respect to his opponent, refusing to call himself the best featherweight and insisting that honor still belonged to Aldo.


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