Medusa: 16-Year Old Purple Belt Trinity Pun Wins 1st Round With RNC

Trinity Pun moves on to Medusa’s second round after securing an RNC during regulation time against Celine Haga.

Pun represents an uprising of youth within the sport, as Cole Abate established himself as one of the best in the world just last weekend at Who’s Number One.

Pun will face Kiaya Jackson in Round 2.

Medusa: Fatime Kline Wins By Toe-Hold In 24 Seconds

In just 24 seconds of the match, Kline locked in a toe-hold against Samantha Villareal. Kline instantly showed concern for her opponent as Villareal limped back to the center of the mat.

Kline was praised by the announcers before the match began, as Eddie Bravo was quoted saying that she’s a “very, very special athlete.” Before the sentence could be finished, the match was already over.


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