Medusa: “Anything Is Possible” Juliana Miller Leads Bantamweights With Upset Win Over Bia Mesquita

The first match of the night to showcase Medusa’s Combat Jiu-Jitsu ended with Juliana Miller winning against Bia Mesquita in what the announcer’s called “a colossal upset.”

Miller’s hand was raised with a slightly bruised eye, as the two exchanged a load of strikes during the high-octane bout. 10th Planet Freaks’ “The Killer” Juliana Miller showed why she’s earned her name, as she gained a win over one of the best female grapplers on the planet. During OT, she repeated self-affirmations such as, “Come on, let’s go! Anything is possible!”

Medusa: Nikki Sullivan Defeats UFC Veteran Gillian Robertson By Knee Bar

Nikki Sullivan was able to secure a regulation victory over a very dangerous opponent. 

The scrap led to Sullivan transitioning from toe hold to kneebar and back again, in shades of Dean Lister. Robertson appeared to be unconcerned with the toe hold, but attempted to defend the kneebar with strikes. The strikes were mostly ineffective as she ultimately tapped to the knee bar.


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