Michael Chandler Unimpressed With ‘Unathletic’ Dillon Danis’ Performance At Bellator 198

When it came to his MMA debut, Dillon Danis talked the talk and walked the walk. The IBJJF Champion and former Marcelo Garcia student bragged that his match last night at Bellator 198 would be “The Dillon Danis Show.”

And that’s exactly what it was!

Though he was hit a few times, Dillon made short work of his opponent, Kyle Walker, securing a toe hold over him at 1:38 in the very first round.

But at least one man wasn’t impressed with Danis’ performance: former Bellator Lightweight Champion Michael Chandler.

In a tweet posted shortly after midnight, Chandler scoffed at Dillon’s claim that he was the “highest paid fighter in Bellator” and insisted that what the grappling ace meant to say was “the most un-athletic fighter in Bellator.” Chandler also pointed out that Walker was riding a two-fight losing streak.

Last night, Dillon Danis told interviewers that he did not know whom he wanted to fight for his second match (though, when pressed, he said he might like to fight former Bellator Welterweight Champion “Funky” Ben Askren). Could Michael Chandler be in his future? Whom should Danis face in his second MMA fight?



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