Miesha Tate Has Given Birth To Her Second Baby

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Former UFC bantamweight champion Miesha Tate has given birth to her second child: a boy named Daxton Wylder Nuñez.

Tate and fellow fighter Johnny Nuñez welcomed their son, who was born at 8 lbs and 7 oz, in a home birth, though they’d originally planned for the birth to take place in the hospital. The couple already had a daughter, Amaia Nevaeh Nuñez, who was born in 2018.

Johnny expressed his joy at becoming a father to a second child in an interview with ONE FC. “It feels great to be a father, but to bring your own son into this world is a tremendous feeling. Amaia’s delivery was a three-day-long labor, but this one came quick, and I had to think quickly. I made the decision to not call the ambulance when the baby’s head started crowning and decided to step up and prepare for the delivery… Amaia was the most excited. She already wanted to hold her little brother!”

Days ago, Tate had shared a photo of herself at 40 weeks into her pregnancy encouraging other women to express their choice in how they want to deliver their children.

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40 weeks +2 days, I'm not thrilled but No, I won't be getting induced. Fun fact, you're not actually overdue until 2 weeks past the EDD (Estimated Due Date). Only 4% of babies are born on their EDD so clearly it's not that accurate I'm ranting but it needs to be said. Hospitals are run like most businesses, to be efficient and to make money. Don't get me wrong I'm grateful to have hospitals & doctors, I transferred my last home birth to a hospital and this time I will be at the hospital to give birth as well BUT I searched high & low to find a doctor & facility (they have birthing tubs yay!) that would support my desire to have only absolutely medically necessary interventions with a doctor who trusts women to birth their babies naturally. Think about it, pregnant women are the only patients that DON'T actually have something wrong with them! We aren't sick or broken but often times this is just the mindset of the medical field to approach every situation as though it needs fixing. The cesarean rate continues to climb globally. In the US above 30%, Singapore 40+%, Brazil 50% some hospitals there as high as 80%! The World Health Organisation says it should be around 15%, I think lower even but regardless even 30% is offensive. OBGYN Doctors are SURGEONS!! Don't forget that (many get their degrees and have never attended a live natural birth) or that it's more convenient for them to schedule you down for a cesarean so they can make their lunch break on time and collect some extra $ too! Not all OBGYNs think this way but it's important for you to know how your provider feels and acts. It's time women stop being bystanders to their own labor/delivery, to be made to feel powerless or like you don't know how to birth your baby is a crime. My goal is not to make anyone feel bad or guilty for decisions they made or decisions that were made for them in the heat of the moment but rather to give a voice back to women. We DO have a say how our babies are brought into this world so USE it! No, I'm not late, I'm not overdue, I'm not sick, I'm not broken. I'm pregnant with a healthy baby who will come when his lungs are good and strong and he is READY!

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