Miesha Tate Rescues Injured Girl, Carries Her Two Miles Down Mountain

Miesha Tate may not be the UFC women’s bantamweight champion anymore, but she is certainly a hero in one little girl’s eyes.

Tate was at Mary Jane Falls in Mt Charleston, Nevada, when she saw a “meekly built” woman carrying a 6-year-old girl down a mountain. The girl’s name was Kai, and she had recently broken her arm. The woman carrying her was her mother.

Tate offered to carry Kai down.  The mother asked if she would rather have her or Miesha carry her down, and the girl quickly opted for the UFC star.

Tate carried Kai two miles down the mountain, never once slipping or falling.  The former Strikeforce and UFC champion said she and Kai learned a lot about each other, and Tate credits Kai with inspiring her.

Kai’s father, Andrew Abalos, considers Miesha Tate to be “Such an amazing and humble person to have met.”  He went on to say:

“Our family cant thank you enough for all the help. You saved us easily hours of hiking and helped us get her to the hospital sooner. Thank you again.”

You can see some photos of Tate’s heroism below.


Posted by Miesha Tate on Sunday, September 4, 2016




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