Mike Fowler: ‘I Won’t Deny Improper Conduct Back In 2015. No Excuses’

Photo/Instagram: thefowlereffect

Amid allegations of sexual misconduct, Mike Fowler has released new information to the Jiu-Jitsu Times. He isn’t sugarcoating it or turning it around on anyone. Here’s what he had to say via Instagram DM:

Jiu-Jitsu Times: Good morning Professor Fowler. I’m an assistant editor for Jiu Jitsu Times. One of your former students has taken to Reddit and made claims of harassment against you. Granted, it’s April Fool’s Day, so we are doing our homework to validate the claims before publishing anything on it. We in no way intend to bring any disrespect toward you, but simply aim to report the facts. Would you be willing to provide any statement?

Mike Fowler: I won’t deny improper conduct back in 2015. No excuses. And those I was wrong to, I apologized. There are two sides to the story, but it doesn’t justify anything. I’m glad my actions were brought out because it made me take a look at myself. That wasn’t who I wanted to be. In 2013 I found out I wasn’t the father of my child and he was taken from me, never seen again. I had every thought from suicide to fighting in court to try and be in his life.

I didn’t have the funds to back this. So I left hawaii with my mind a mess.

I didn’t want my role in life so I tried not to be that. I just gave no cares in the world since I felt my own was taken from me. I was hurt. And hurt others in return. Again I have apologized and attempted to move on by being a better person and staying on a positive path.

My actions during that time don’t defy me. And I never shyed away from my mistakes. All I can do now is be better each day than who I was before.

JJT: I sincerely appreciate your direct response to my message. We’ve all done some stupid sh*t things in our lives, but it’s big of you to own up to your regrets. Do you have any idea why this former student would make the accusations now when this was an incident from so long ago?

MF: Not Sure. Or why she kept the pictures for so long.

JJT: That’s what seemed odd to me too. Do you have any upcoming events that may have attracted the extra attention? Sucks when you’ve worked hard to move past a tough time in your life just to have it thrown back at you.

MF: No nothing out of the ordinary. Just traveling teaching classes as normal.

I had apologized to her in person before I left back to Hawaii. At the same time she had moved to Cali dating an instructor of a gym for a short while before moving to Hawaii and training in Waikiki which was the last time I had seen her was like maybe a year and half ago at a tournament.

I guess her dating the blackbelt didn’t go well because the pics with her in were deleted soon after

Mutual Facebook friend.

JJT: So there hasn’t been any contact with her since the tournament?

MF: No there hasn’t been any contact with her since I had apologize to her. I had just seen her when I was in the bleachers.

Like eyes crossed but never locked.

JJT: I really appreciate your candid response. The sincere honesty goes a long way. Is there anything you’d say to her now if you could?

MF: Nothing really besides the same apology I offered before. I read everything wrong and acted out of line. I still own up to my fault. But I’ve done my best to leave her be and not further insult or damage.

And thank you for taking the time to ask and not assume.

I appreciate it.


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