Mikey Musumeci Nudges IBJJF For Permission to Compete in Two Divisions

Source: Kitt Canaria

Why be a three-time world champion across two divisions when you can be a two-division world champ simultaneously? That’s the path young black belt superstar Mikey Musumeci wants to take, if he can get IBJJF to let him.

Musumeci has taken gold at Worlds the last three years running, switching between rooster weight and light featherweight. (This year’s championship win was at 57kg.) IBJJF requires vacating the title when switching to a new weight class, a rule Mikey feels he’s earned the right to sidestep in order to double medal:

IBJJF doesn’t tend to respond to Instagram posts, but at least he’s making his intentions known. And he’s right: It would be super interesting.

Musumeci has already broken records, first becoming one of the youngest pro black belts on the competition circuit at 18, and then becoming the first American to win three IBJJF world championships. His consecutive wins are the focus of the documentary The New Guard.


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