MMA Fighter Josh Copeland Arrested, Charged With Domestic Violence

Image Source: Colorado Police via TMZ

PFL fighter Josh Copeland has been arrested for allegedly punching his wife in the face during a dispute in their home, according to police records obtained by TMZ.

According to TMZ, Colorado police were called to the couple’s house on February 2, where they found Copeland’s wife with an “obvious” bruise on her left eye and a cut and bloodied face. She told them that she and her husband had began arguing when he pushed her, and she pushed him back. The fight then became more violent — Copeland’s wife admitted to smacking him in the face multiple times, and she says that he then “punched her in the face,” threw her on the bed, and took her phone to prevent her from calling for help. The police later found the phone in his pocket, but he said that he didn’t remember punching his wife.

Copeland, who is 6’1″ and 265 lbs, was arrested. The charges against him allegedly include second-degree assault and obstruction. He was also charged with child abuse due to the incident taking place in front of the couple’s child. His wife was transported to the hospital to be treated for her injuries.

Fight 2 Win promoter Seth Daniels shared the news on social media and called Copeland “the worst person he’d ever worked with in combat sports.” He also said that Copeland was the “main reason” he stopped promoting MMA.

Copeland has an 18-6 record in MMA and went 0-2 in his time fighting for the UFC. On December 31 of 2018, he lost a PFL heavyweight championship fight worth $1 million to Philipe Lins.


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