Warning Graphic: A Man Dojo Stormed A Gym With Machete

According to GNP1.de Abeku Afful was attacked in Hamburg on May 18th, while he was at his MMA academy training for the upcoming Bremen fight. A group of men in masks ran into the academy and beat him up using knives and machetes. The German fighter, who has a 4-3 record, was completely alone in the building.

Some witnesses nearby was able to identity one of the men a Ismail Cetinkaya. Cetinkaya is the head coach of Hamburger Kampfsportschule. As a result, he was found and arrested, along with two of his accomplices. Afful once was a student of Cetinkaya, who is publicly opposed to the radicalism, especially ISIS. The man appears to have friction with Afful over the fact that he went independent and developed a team of his own, gaining great success with this team.

Afful responded to being called out on social media by Cetinkaya, saying that he gladly would go up against his old teacher in a fight. Now, it seems that this likely will not happen. See photo here:



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