Murder Of Beloved BJJ Professor Leaves Community In Shock

Left: Ramon Diaz Photo/Facebook: Palm Springs Jiu-Jitsu

The Brazilian jiu-jitsu community has lost a not only a respected martial artist, but also a man committed to improving the lives of those around him. Professor Ramon Diaz of Palm Springs Jiu Jitsu was found outside of his home Wednesday evening after coming home from classes at his academy. Reports indicate that he was still dressed in his gi and had his gym bag in hand. No suspects or motives have been named yet, but sources indicate that it does not appear to have been a robbery.

Professor Ramon Diaz was a 4th degree black belt promoted by Coral Belt Master Joe Moreira. He was revered among martial arts academies throughout the Palm Springs area. Joe Lavigne, owner of Desert Hot Springs Mixed Martial Arts said, “I cannot imagine why anybody would want to do this to him. I have never met somebody like him. He was always willing to help anybody and would give the shirt off his back.” It’s clear through many Facebook posts that others share the same sense of shock and loss.

Anyone with additional information relating to this case is encouraged to contact CCPD: Detective Barkley, or Sergeant Sanchez, at (760) 770-0300.


  1. Can you provide a bit more details or an update? Not even if he was shot, stabbed or beaten? What do police suspect was motive ?


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