Nate Diaz Not Suspended From UFC 244 Despite Drug Test

(UPDATE: New comments from USADA and other MMA fighters have since been released and subsequently added to this article.)

I mean, we JUST got him back too.

The MMA world was momentarily crushed after Nate Diaz announced via Twitter that he’d no longer be competing for the BMF belt at UFC 244 following a failed drug test. The Stockton native posted earlier this afternoon that his test results revealed undisclosed “elevated levels” that could be caused by a tainted supplement. Sources later told ESPN that this substance was trace amounts of an androgen receptor module (SARM). Diaz went on to claim that the whole foods and natural supplements that comprise his vegan diet could not be to blame.

Despite Diaz’s statement, USADA has yet to formally suspend him from competition for the violation. According to a report from ESPN, the New York State Athletic Commission wasn’t even aware of Diaz’s failed test until the man announced it himself. If no ruling is handed down from USADA, then there may not be anything keeping Diaz from the fight save for his own threat to not compete.

As a beloved fighter who’s only one fight into his return to professional competition, this leaves many fans disheartened. With all the hype behind his planned battle with fellow BMF contender Jorge “Completely Necessary” Masvidal, the UFC will be in the hot seat to provide a response. Masvidal however, was quick to offer support to his opponent through twitter, vouching for his innocence and cementing his desire for the bout to continue.

Alongside Masvidal, several other fighters have weighed in on the situation. Perpetually innocent and renowned good boy Jon Jones backed up Diaz in a tweet, and UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman insight an argument with Colby Covington by offering to fight Masvidal instead of Diaz.

The Jiu-Jitsu Times will continue to Follow this story as it develops.


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