NBA Player Steven Adams Uses Principles Of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu In Basketball

Steven Adams — the seven-foot tall center for the Oklahoma City Thunder — is a fan of Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and he uses it when playing basketball.

“I don’t think I am actually stronger than most guys…” Adams told reporters after a game. “I understand how to move and where they’re getting their power from, so I take that away. Like if it was a power match, I’d probably lose, does that make sense?”

When asked where he learned this from, Adams answered “jiu-jitsu.”

“I watch a lot of jiu-jitsu. And that’s about where your base is and where you generate power from.”

Adams didn’t say whether or not he practiced jiu-jitsu, but if he did, he certainly wouldn’t be the first player in the NBA to don a gi. Free agent and former Denver Nugget Roy Hibbert also practices BJJ. Last time we heard, he was a blue belt.

It would be interesting if Adams watched BJJ, but didn’t practice it. Competitive BJJ is not exactly a spectator sport, and few, even among those who practice it, watch it.

You can listen to Steven Adams’ entire interview below:


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