Neil Magny Battles Through Carlos Condit For Unanimous Decision Win

Carlos Condit made his return to the octagon tonight at UFC 219 after a near-500 day layoff.

Sadly, it wasn’t triumphant.

Condit took on Neil Magny, who was looking to make up for a loss against Rafael dos Anjos.

Condit started out with a combo and a leg kick. Magny had the center of the cage. Neil caught Carlos’ kick and dumped him up against the cage. Condit tried to tie him up in something, but Magny ended up in his guard. Neil stood up and Carlos stood up with him. He pressed him up against the cage, then took him down. However, they got back up as quickly as the went down.

Magny went back to pressing Condit up against the cage, then Condit turned the tables on him, and the two went back to the center.

Another combo by Carlos but Neil fired back. The Natural Born Killer bled from his nose. Neil chased him a bit, returning Carlos’ combos with combos of his own. Magny threw a body kick then a punch, but Condit charged in with a combo and looked like he was going for a flying knee, but didn’t finish.

Condit threw a combo and then a spinning back kick before the round came to a close.

Round 2. Carlos charged in with some punches but didn’t hit anything. Neil caught his kick again, but this time, Condit stayed up. Magny, however, caught it again and drove Carlos back to the cage, pressing him up against it with a body lock, and after a struggle dropped the Natural Born Killer like a sack of potatoes.

Condit played some open guard, reaching for a Kimura.

The two worked their way back up and split up. Magny swung for the fences but didn’t hit anything. Condit came in with a flurry, though, and pressed Magny on the fence, but Neil turned the tables on him. Magny had both underhooks in and took Carlos down again. This time, however, he wasn’t able to keep him down. It wasn’t a problem for him, though, because again, he lifted The Natural Born Killer up and slammed him down before the round came to a close.

Third and final round. After getting dropped again and again, Condit must have known he needed a finish here. Sadly, he wasn’t able to get it.

Within the first minute, Carlos almost got his leg caught again. Condit charged in on Magny, but wasn’t able to get anything.

Again, Neil got the back and looked like he was going to take Carlos for yet another ride, but Condit held on and the two split up.

Magny landed a nice right hand. Later on, Condit hit a hard body shot, though. With less than two minutes, Carlos Condit started to open up, but Neil had no plans on giving the match up.

Spinning back kick by Condit. Carlos then charged in with punches and another spinning back kick. The Natural Born Killer was obviously looking for a finish, but in the last minute, Magny took Carlos down yet again and held him there until there were only seconds left.

By the time the match ended, it was clear he won. The judges awarded the contest unanimously to Neil Magny.


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