Neiman Gracie On Dillon Danis: ‘Let’s see who has better jiujitsu in a fist fight’

Bellator fighter Neimam Gracie — famous not only for his long list of BJJ championships but for being the great grandson of one of BJJ’s founders, Carlos Gracie — is calling out Dillon Danis.

My team reached out to they’re going to offer you a fight against me in New York. Last time we supposed to fight they couldn’t find you for 2 weeks. Let’s see who has better jiujitsu in a fist fight

Lets see who has the better jiu-jitsu in a fist fight,” Gracie told Danis on Twitter

Gracie also mentioned in the tweet that he was originally slated to tangle with Danis on Bellator’s Madison Square Garden card, but the latter turned it down.

“They offered me the fight,” Neiman told MMA Fighting.

“I accepted the fight, he accepted the fight and now he said no. I never asked for the fight, but I say yes. But I understand. I know I’m a bad matchup for him. I know he’s just starting fighting and nobody wants to start their career 0-1. I wouldn’t take the fight neither.”

Will the BJJ universe have a chance to see these two high level grapplers duke it out in the cage? We here at the Jiu-Jitsu Times certainly hope so!



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