New Jersey BJJ Academy Offering Free Training To Blue Belt For Law Enforcement

In the wake of nationwide calls for law enforcement reform, we reported on a BJJ Academy in Louisiana offering free training to law enforcement officers. The belief being that with increased training in grappling, officers will be able to more peacefully perform their duties. Today, the cause is being emulated in southern New Jersey.

Chris Noonan of The Hive Martial Arts Academy has offered free instruction to local LEO’s up to blue belt. The former top ten rooster weight announced the new initiative in an Instagram post earlier today.

While the conversation is FAR from over, efforts like these continue to prove that BJJ can bring people together in the name of self improvement. With BJJ constantly being used for self defense by civilians, the only shame is that third parties are needed to educate the people who should be receiving this training at this outset.

The JJT will follow the issue as it develops.


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