Nicholas Meregali Wins BJJ Stars GP Open Via Submission

Nicholas Meregali has defeated Gustavo Batista in the BJJ Stars Open Final via kimura just over 4 minutes into the match. Both men faced incredibly tough opponents in the semi finals, with Meregali defeating Lucas “Hulk” Barbosa via points and Bautista defeating multi-time IBJJF World champion Leandro Lo via advantage.

Meregali enacted his game plan early by pulling into single leg x-guard right as the match started. Batista attempted several times to pass, but Meregali kept forcing him to post out and regain posture. After going to his knees, Batista was almost able to get a knee slide pass but Meregali corrected yet again with collar and sleeve grips. After forcing Batista back, Meregali made an unsuccessful sit up sweep attempt before returning to single leg-x. Threatening an ankle lock, Meregali spread Batista’s legs to give himself the chance to stand. Taking advantage of the scramble, Meregali was able to get the sweep and landed in top half guard.

Following a drag back to the center of the mat, Meregali continued to advance his position. Pushing on Batista’s right knee to free his left leg, Meregali gained enough room to sit on top Batista’s head for an arm attack. Forming a kimura lock, Meregali was quickly able to free the arm and get the tap.

A full breakdown of the event can be found bellow.

Round 1

Nicholas Meregali def. Victor Hugo (via points)

Barbosa def. Rudson Mateus (via arm triangle)

Gustavo Batista def. Jackson Sousa (via points)

Leandro Lo def. Dimitrius Sousa (via advantage)

Round 2

Nicholas Meregali def. Lucas Barbosa (via points)

Gustavo Batista def. Leandro Lo (via advantage)


Nicholas Meregali Def. Gustavo Batista (via kimura)


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