Nick Rodriguez Vs. Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu Rematch At Kasai Pro 7 Ends In a Draw

A highly anticipated rematch between ADCC silver medalist Nick Rodriguez and Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu at Kasai 7 gave viewers more of the same of what we’d seen of the two athletes at last year’s ADCC match.


The match started with Rodriguez trying to pass Cyborg’s guard. After a couple of minutes, he managed to get past Cyborg’s legs and work to take his back. However, Cyborg managed to escape before Rodriguez could get both hooks in, going for Rodriguez’s leg before the Renzo Gracie athlete escaped. The match was then paused due to a significantly bleeding cut that had appeared on Cyborg’s head. After the medical team applied a bandage, the match resumed, but Rodriguez’s snapdowns as he attempted a takedown helped removed the bandage and the match was paused again.

After Cyborg’s head was once again bandaged up, the match continued with about three minutes left. A shot from Cyborg was countered with a sprawl from Rodriguez, and Cyborg fell to playing open guard again. Rodriguez made repeated attempts to pass with a knee slice, but was unable to get anywhere. Cyborg tried coming up to sweep Rodriguez multiple times, but Rodriguez was able to shut down the attempts by sprawling. The last few seconds of the match saw an intense scramble with both athletes on their feet hoping to make something happen, but neither was able to before time ran out.

The match ended with a 0-0 score, resulting in a draw. (CLICK HERE FOR FULL RESULTS)


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