Nicky Ryan Defeats Jamil Hill, Kennedy Maciel Wins Via Triangle In 66kg Division At ADCC

Image Source: Kitt Canaria for Jiu-Jitsu Times

The Ryan family is having a very successful day so far at ADCC. First, Gordon blazed through his first opponent, and later on, Nicky had a close, but successful match against Jamil Hill in the 66kg division. The match started with Hill trying to pass Ryan’s guard, but Ryan later managed to sweep Hill. Hill was unable to pass Ryan’s guard before the clock ran out, and Ryan came away with the win. His next match will be against Paolo Miyao in the quarter-finals.

The first round of this bracket was packed with close calls and upsets, with 10th Planet star Geo Martinez getting taken out by Matheus Gabriel (who just received his black belt last year) and Kennedy Maciel recovering from getting his back taken and submitting his opponent with a triangle with barely over a minute to spare.

Image Source: Kitt Canaria for Jiu-Jitsu Times

Take a look at the original bracket here, and check out who will be moving on to the quarter-finals below:

Miyao defeats Iwamoto via points; Ryan defeats Hill via points.
Quarter-Finals: Miyao vs. Ryan

Mendes defeats Krikorian via submission; Gabriel defeats Martinez via referee decision.
Quarter-Finals: Mendes vs. Gabriel

Mantovani defeats Halpin via points; Ruotolo defeats Frazatto via points.
Quarter-Finals: Mantovani vs. Ruotolo

Alarcon defeats Grippo via points; Maciel defeats Alvarenga via submission.
Quarter-Finals: Alarcon vs. Maciel

Keep an eye out for our continued updates here at ADCC in Anaheim, CA. And to watch the action live for yourself, remember to check out the live stream at FloGrappling!


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