Nicky Ryan Versus Geo Martinez Confirmed For KASAI Pro 2

It’s official! Nicky Ryan versus Geo “Freakazoid” Martinez is going down at KASAI Pro 2.

The news was confirmed by Flograppling.

Geo Martinez had originally declined challenges to grapple with the jiu-jitsu prodigy from the notorious Danaher Death Squad. However, Geo recently posted that he would face Nicky on the condition that he gets a match with Ryan’s older brother, Gordon, afterwards.

Ebi 6 I entered on short notice and subbed everyone from start to finish (2 in ot) and everyone said it was a fluke. @jon_calestine comes in on 1 days notice after a major shoulder injury and barely any training time and subs 3 people in regulation. I understand geo may have had the flu which is unfortunate especially because I know what it's like to compete sick. I would love to see a rematch or a match with @nickyryanbjj (another junior student) who has already beaten every top 10p black belt in his weight class besides geo and has also been to adcc making him the top 16 in the world at his weight. Either match would be exciting. Give the fans what they want. If geo subs Nicky I will personally hand geo 5,000$ on top of whatever he gets from promoters. The offer stands. Let's see you step up. @jon_calestine is the man and will continue to dismantle many men. Congrats to @eddiebravo10p on another successful @ebiofficial

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Ryan and Freakazoid will be fighting in a submission-only match. If there is no winner at the end of regulation, the match will go to a judges’ decision.

KASAI President Rolles Gracie told Flo:

We first saw Geo and Nicky’s rivalry ignite on December 8, the day before our first KASAI Pro event. It’s only fitting that the duo settle their score on our return to Brooklyn for KASAI Pro 2.

KASAI Pro will be going down on April 14 from the Greenpoint Terminal Warehouse in Brooklyn, New York. The event will be available on Flograppling.


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