Nicky Ryan Promoted To Brown Belt

Photo/Instagram: @nickyryanbjj

Death Squad wunderkind Nicky “Steal Yo Girl” Ryan was promoted to brown belt by John Danaher earlier today following his impressive showing at ADCC. The younger brother of Current double gold ADCC champion Gordon Ryan, Nicky displayed his skills in a close match against Unity staple Paulo Miyao that he lost by one point. This promotion comes only two years after earning his purple belt as a minor back in 2017.

Nicky has taken the nogi grappling world by storm in the last few years, accruing wins over much older and experienced competitors such as 10th Planet black belt Geo Martinez and UFC legend Urijah Faber. At only 18 years old, it’s anyones guess as to how high his ceiling is or if he even has one.


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