One Championship Fight Night 10: Tye Ruotolo And Mikey Claim Victory

One Championship Fight Night 10 lived up to the enactment last night with a larger number of
fighters landing $50k – $100k bonuses for their knockout wins over their opponent. Let’s take a
closer look at some of the featured fights from the top submission grapplers!

Tye Ruotolo vs RDR (Reiner De Ridder)

First submission grappling match of the night hosted RDR (reining One Championship middle-
weight champion) and Ty Ruotolo. The two fighters looked super sharp with both competitors
making the 10-minute match exciting and showcasing how well the two’s training camps
prepared them for the match.

The size difference between the two was pretty shocking to sit back and think about but Tye
Ruotolo has been known to always take on much bigger opponents. The match ended up going
the full 10 minutes with Tye Rulotol winning by unanimous decision. This match was extremely
exciting to watch with both athletes showcasing their deep knowledge and background in
grappling arts.

Both athletes had a hard time taking each other to the ground with the majority of the match
staying on their feet. Tye called out Nicholas Meregalii for his next submission grappling fight
which continues his streak of going after high-level, larger opponents. Tye is looking to live up to
the hype that he has around his name so stay tuned to see if this match comes to fruition.

Mikey Musumeci vs. Osamah Almarwai (ONE Flyweight Submission Grappling World Title)

Musumeci returns home to the U.S. where he’ll make his second ONE World Title defense.
After winning numerous amateur IBJJF World Championships, he was awarded his black belt at
the age of 18. In 2019, he made history with the fastest-ever submission in the final of an
IBJJF World Championship when he tapped out his opponent with an ankle lock in 12

Mikey has a very impressive competitive record sitting at 60-5 and is looking to put that to the
test with a very strong opponent in Osamah Almarwai. Almarwai looks to make history as first
ONE World Champion from the Middle East.

This match was immediately a scrap right form the beginning. Mickey loves the leg
entanglements and almost within seconds the match made it way to the ground. Almarwai put
up a great fight and defended well but Mikey was relentless with the attacks on the legs.

Mikey ended up taking the match and finishing the match with 2 minutes left by rear naked
choke. Mikey is next level and showcased why he is the Flyweight Submission Grappling

One Championship Fight Night 10 Main Event: Demetrious Johnson vs
Adriano Moraes

In the main event, the two most dominant flyweights in MMA history square off in the Circle, as ONE Flyweight World Champion and American icon Demetrious Johnson faces Adriano Moraes – the man he took the belt from – in an epic trilogy fight.

Each man holds a highlight-reel knockout victory over the other, so we were guaranteed to see a spectacular battle when this heated rivalry continues in Colorado.

One Championship had its United States Debut this Cinco de Mayo and man was it one for the ages. The fights were electric and full of drama. The trilogy lived up to all the hype!!! 

The fight for most of the match was very evenly matched both fighters knowing that each one has had the opportunity to capitalize on a minor mistake at any moment. It was a really even match all the way till the end but Johnson ended up holding the line and taking home the W. The fight went all the way to the end of the fifth round with no one knocking the other out.

The fighters both looked super sharp throughout the fight and made it hard for either fighter to get a huge advantage at any point. This whole match was a dogfight All three judges had a unanimous decision that Johnson walked away from this match with a W.

Demetrious “Might Mouse” Johnson ended up not making a decision on whether he is retiring or not.

Fight night 10 was an electric event to watch and lived up tot the hype. One thing that surprised us was how many fighters were given bonuses after the fight. One championship is just getting started with their growth within the United States so we look forward to covering more high-level fights that come later on this year.

Fight of the Night

After watching the One Championship Fight Night 10 we could not leave the best fight of the night out of the post! First lets start with some honorable mentions! Stamp vs Anderson was electric, we had to be careful taking our eyes off the screen because if we looked away we didn’t know if a knockout was going to happen. With the blink of an eye, stamp hit a VICIOUS body shot that just floored Anderson. We loved seeing Northcutt take the victory with the heel hook. After a four-year rehab stint to recover from his last injury Sage Northcutt took home a victory and a $50k bonus!

The most electric fight of the night had to be the Soldic vs Kadestam. Kadestam shocked the entire stadium and pulled off a huge upset victory. He continues to shine in the One championship spotlight and is making a name for himself in the division. Do not be surprised if this guy ends up being a champ one day!

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