Paulo Costa Remains Undefeated! KO’s Johny Hendricks In The Second Round

Paulo Costa is a force to be reckoned with, everyone! The 26-year-old is not only still undefeated, but is coming off a huge win over former UFC Welterweight Champion Johny Hendricks tonight at UFC 217, life from Madison Square Garden.

Costa started with a leg kick followed by a body kick…and another. Johny was visibly wincing when the kicks landed. Hendricks charged in with punches but got nothing. The much bigger Costa controlled the range. Costa hit Johny and it looked like Johny’s knees buckled but he stayed up. Hendricks attempted a takedown but nothing. Body punch by Paulo. Paulo chased Johny around the perimeter. Johny didn’t seem like he had any answer to Costa’s offense. Huge knee by Paulo but Johny was still in it. Johny charged in with a punch kick combo. Body kicks and high kicks by Paulo. Hendricks threw a left kick followed by a couple of left hands. Paulo, however, still pushed the pace ending with a big knee and a left in the end of the round. Costa was easily the winner in the first.

The second round started out with an eye poke by Costa, but Johny was still eager to go. Johny hit a nice leg kick when the match started again but Paulo clipped him with a left and another. Hendricks went down but got away. Paulo kept hitting him with bombs, though. High kick and Johny was obviously hurt but kept going. Punches and Johny went down, and it was OVER!

Winner by second round technical knockout: Paulo Costa!!!


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