Petr Yan Defeats José Aldo, Becomes New UFC Bantamweight Champion

Petr Yan has defeated Jose Aldo to become the new UFC Bantamweight Champion at UFC 251. The Russian contender earned a TKO against Scarface in round five My God was it a rough one to watch in the end.

Round one saw Jose utilize leg kicks early to great success, even scoring a knock down on Yan. Yan responded with big rights, and checking Aldo’s famous kicks whenever possible. A late takedown by Aldo was quickly reversed by Yan, who proceeded to rain down a few critical shots from the guard into the former champion’s ribs. The round ended before Yan could secure the finish.

Round two saw a far more dominant performance by Aldo, who seemingly recovered from his late round rib injury to put together solid combinations and avoid taking Yan’s right jab. His leg kicks forced a stance change from Yan, but this didn’t stop Aldo from continuing to kick low and often. This prompts an increase in pace from Aldo, capitalizing on the damage from his kicks and hurting the body. He lands a head kick towards the end of the round followed by more body shots. Round ends.

Round three saw Aldo continue to employ his kicks and body shots, with Yan swinging wildly to counter. Knee from Aldo to start leads to him ripping up Yan’s torso more. Slipping Yan’s big right, Aldo looks good in the pocket while keeping up the pace. As the round goes on Yan picks back up, landing an elbow as Aldo slows his offence. Round ends with Yan landing a big punch from the clinch.

Round four saw Aldo briefly rejuvenated but quickly overwhelmed by Yan’s strikes. Avoiding kicks, Aldo exchanges with Yan in the pocket and tries to pick his shots. But a late single from Yan puts Aldo down again, and the Russian starts to rain down strikes again. Round ends with am energized Yan and a seemingly depleted Aldo.

A loving embrace starts round five before Yan goes to work landing a quick combo. Dropping Aldo with his next straight, Yan proceeds to decimate a gassed Aldo from on top. What follows is Aldo shrimping and evading just enough damage to avoid a TKO as blood pours from his face. Showing the grit of a champion, Aldo endures unending hammerfists and jabs from Yan as the ref teeters on the edge of ending the fight. Finally, after even the commentators express a desire for an end to the violence, the fight is called at 3:24 of the championship round.

This brings Yan’s record to 15-1 and Aldo to 28-7.


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