Rafael Dos Anjos Honored For 50 Clean Drug Tests In The UFC

UFC fighter and 4th degree BJJ black belt Rafael dos Anjos has been honored for his perfect drug test record.

Dos Anjos has officially hit the milestone for 50 clean tests, joining fellow UFC stars Holly Holm, Daniel Cormier, and Jose Aldo in reaching the accomplishment. Dos Anjos received a special jacket for the achievement and congratulatory remarks from UFC Senior VP of Athlete Health and Performance Jeff Novitzky.

While having a perfect testing record may not seem like a big deal, the honor is significant in a sport where so many athletes consume prohibited substances at some point in their professional careers, whether intentionally or unintentionally such as in the instances of ingesting unknowingly tainted supplements.

Dos Anjos is coming off a split decision victory over Paul Felder from last weekend, which Felder took on five days’ notice.


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