Rafael Lovato Jr. Remains Undefeated, Tops Chris Honeycutt Via Unanimous Decision

BJJ superstar Rafael Lovato Jr. remains undefeated in MMA.

Lovato took on Chris Honeycutt in the co-main event of Bellator 189 tonight.

Lovato took the center of the cage and threw two nice jumping kicks at his opponent. Honeycutt with a leg kick but Rafael returned a 1-2.  Lovato knocked off his feet but right back up. Body kick by Lovato. Body kick by Honeycutt. Rafael looked like he was going for another jump kick. Body kick by Chris but Rafael caught it. The two got in a brief clinch but broke away quickly. Flying knee followed by 1-2 by Lovato. Honeycutt had Rafael in a body lock but he couldn’t take him down. Chris pressed his opponent up against the fence and landed some knees to the leg. Lovato went for a standing guillotine while simultaneously going for a sweep. Honeycutt got his head out, though. By the time the two broke away, there was only ten seconds left in the round.

Round 2. Lovato charged in with a 1-2, then mixed it up with some punches and high kicks. Honeycutt then took the center of the cage. Rafael swung and missed and Chris went low for a takedown but couldn’t get anything. Instead, he ended up in the same guillotine position he ended the first round in.

The two broke away. Honeycutt secured a body lock again, and again Rafael went for a standing guillotine. Double leg by Chris and he got it. Rafael still went for the guillotine, though. Honeycutt broke out and tried to pass Rafael’s guard. Chris backed off and Lovato kept him away with some up kicks.

The two stood up.

Huge swing and a miss by Honeycutt. Body lock again on Rafael. Lovato this time went for a standing Kimura.

Round 3. Lovato once again opened with a jump kick. Honeycutt caught a kick and pushed Lovato to the cage. Again Lovato went for a standing guillotine choke but got nothing.

Back in the middle of the cage. Chris got a leg and this time took Lovato down with a double leg, but Rafael struggled his way back up. Rafael went for a judo throw, but got nothing. Jumping knee attempt by Lovato followed by double leg, but Chris got right back up. This time Honeycutt got the double leg. Chris tried to get Rafael’s back on the mats but Lovato hung on to the leg as the last round wound down to the finish.

I have to say, I thought Chris Honeycutt’s takedowns would have scored the fight in his favor. The judges saw it differently, though, and gave the fight to Rafael Lovato Jr. via unanimous decision.



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