Rayron Gracie’s Mother Speaks on Date Turned Attempted Murder

Elaine Capparoz, mother of fighter Rayron Gracie and sister-in-law to Renzo and Ralph, has released a description of the terrifying attack which left her in critical condition on February 17 in Rio.

Capparoz verified with Brazilian media outlet Correio that the man who choked and tortured her for hours in her Rio home this weekend, 27-year-old brown belt and law student Vinicius Serra, was supposed to be a romantic date. The pair had met over social media and talked for eight months before agreeing to dinner at her condo. Serra signed into Capparoz’s building upon arriving with the fake name “Felipe,” suggesting some level of premeditation was at play when Serra suddenly began beating, strangling, and biting Capparoz later that night.

“He said, ‘Lie on my shoulder so that we can sleep tightly to sleep together. Then I said, ‘That’s fine.’ I woke up with him punching me in the face, ” the victim told reporters from her hospital bed. Capparoz is in stable condition, but will need reconstructive surgery to help heal a cracked orbital, broken bones, and teeth.

“He went to try to give me a [choke], that’s when I put my hands on him so I would not let him finish. Then he bit me, he gave me some absurd bites, so, you know, I started yelling: help, help!” she explained.

Neighbors heard her cries and called building security. A janitor arrived on the scene first, finding on the walls and furniture and Capparoz in serious condition. Serra had already fled the apartment and was lose on the property, which was quickly locked down. Police arrived and arrested Serra “in flagrante” for attempted femicide.

Serra is claiming temporary insanity caused by wine as the reason for his attack on Capparoz. He is currently being held by Brazilian police.

Kyra Gracie cited the nightmarish encounter as an example of why women should not meet strangers off the internet.

“You do not know who you’re talking to on social networks. The person looks good, has the cute little face, but deep down it may not be,” she told reporters.

Earlier today Rayron honored his mother from her hospital room in Rio, posting the following photo and the word “Warrior.”

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Our prayers are with Elaine, Rayron, and all effected by abuse.


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