Relson Gracie Arrested on Marijuana Trafficking Charges in Brazil

Relson Gracie, 66-year-old red belt and carrier of the Gracie legacy, has been arrested in Brazil for trafficking marijuana. According to news outlet O Dia, the former fighter and longtime teacher was arrested on January 25 en route from Sao Paulo to Rio de Janeiro on the Presidente Dutra Highway while riding an interstate bus. He was indicted the same day.

As reported by Brazilian media, marijuana flower and marijuana derivatives like oil were found in a suitcase belonging to Gracie by K9 units. Police also found an international airline ticket from Los Angeles to Sao Paulo in the suitcase, giving them the impression the substances may be “of foreign origin.”

In the past, “The Gracie Way” as laid out by Helio himself has rejected marijuana use as part of the jiu-jitsu tribe’s code of conduct. Obviously times have changed significantly since Helio headed the family–in the States, professional fighters often enjoy sponsorships from CBD companies, and many black belts (and all the other belts) where marijuana is legal speak openly about using the plant for pain and inflammation management.

If prosecuted, Relson faces 5 to 15 years in jail.


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