Renan Ferreira’s PFL 3 Knockout Win Over Fabricio Werdum Has Been Overturned

Image Source: Fabricio Werdum via Instagram

Last week’s PFL 3 ended in controversy when Renan Ferreira tapped to a triangle choke from Fabricio Werdum and then knocked his opponent out. On Monday, however, the New Jersey Athletic Control Board overturned the decision and declared the result a no-decision.

Werdum locked in a triangle early into his fight with Ferreira, and Ferreira tapped twice to the choke. However, referee Keith Peterson didn’t see the taps, and Werdum loosened his choke, enabling Ferreira to get on top and rain down punches until Werdum went out. Ferreira was declared the winner, and Werdum’s team immediately filed an appeal after the fight.

Following the appeal and Peterson’s statement that he would have “likely had stopped the contest” if he’d seen Ferreira tap out, NJSACB Larry Hazzard Sr. decided to overturn the decision.

Werdum shared a statement following the news from the NJSACB:


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The PFL has also provided fans with an update, adding that both fighters would be receiving one point in their divisional ranking.



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