Rener and Ryron Reportedly Turn Against Brother, Ralek

According to a leaked email reportedly seen by Flograppling, Rener and Ryon Gracie have turned on their brother, Ralek.

The brothers, who created the famous Gracie University, have reportedly advised all Gracie Certified Training Center owners to avoid business with the infamous “GINAGI” star.

According to Flo, the brothers’ desire for owners to keep their distance from Ralek stems from his “increasingly controversial handling of the professional jiu-jitsu event Metamoris.”

Flo reports that the email reads as follows.

We have no stake in Metamoris, but we have always supported our brother, Ralek.  

Although we haven’t always agreed with the Metamoris business practices, we never felt it was our place to publicly express our concerns with the operation… until now.

It goes on to say.

Ralek has engaged in dishonest and fraudulent activity, and continues to do so despite our repeated efforts to guide him. We have decided to terminate all business relations with Ralek and Metamoris.

It concludes, “We feel obligated to caution anyone who is considering doing business with [Ralek] or Metamoris on any level.”


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