RESULTS: Israel Adesanya Tops Anderson Silva Via Unanimous Decision

Israel Adesanya is walking out of UFC 234 with a win over one of the greatest fighters in MMA history, the former UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson “The Spider” Silva.

Israel took the center of the cage early. Both fighters started out slowly, feeling each other out.

Israel threw a leg kick. He kept his hands low and stalked Silva, who kept his hands up.

Two minutes in, and there were a lot of moves, but few strikes.

All of a sudden, Silva charged in with punches and wobbled his much younger opponent. Israel escaped, though, and stayed in it.

Silva charged in again, but Israel stayed away, and landed some hard shots to the head of his own.

That hurt him!

We’re off and running in round one! #UFC234— UFC (@ufc) February 10, 2019

Anderson threw a spinning back kick, then a leg kick. Israel threw a head kick, but missed completely.

With ten seconds left, Israel threw a head kick, but missed again completely. He then taunted Silva before the round ended.

TROLL MEETS TROLL! #UFC234— UFC (@ufc) February 10, 2019

Israel started out with a punch to the head in the second round. He then tried another head shot, but Anderson countered.

Israel continued to fake to throw Anderson off. He threw a punch at Silva, but Anderson slipped his head out of the way.

Israel landed a huge left, but Silva landed a counter right seconds afterwards.

Silva chased Israel and landed some huge hits, but again Israel got out of harm’s way. Anderson taunted his opponent by waving his hands wildly.

Anderson landed a right to Israel’s eye.

Israel kept switching stances. With less than a minute in, he was winning in terms of strikes landed.

Anderson threw a wild spinning back kick, but this time it was his turn to miss completely before the round ended.

Third and final round. Israel took Silva down with a leg kick, but Silva got back up. Silva then took Israel down by grabbing his leg. As Israel stumbled back, Silva attempted a flying knee, but hit the fence instead.

Silva had a mouse under his right eye.

The two stared blankly at each other for a while, then Israel insisted the two go to the middle of the cage. Silva complied.

Anderson kept his hands low now and bounced lightly on his feet.

Israel was the aggressor in the final minute, chasing Silva with punches and kicks. He even attempted a tornado kick in the last twenty seconds.

Anything you can do, I can do. #UFC234— UFC (@ufc) February 10, 2019

With the lead in significant strikes landed, Israel Adesanya won the match via unanimous decision.

THE LAST STYLEBENDER! #UFC234— UFC (@ufc) February 10, 2019


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