Richie Martinez Got Ticketed For Being At The Gym To Film Videos For His Students

10th Planet standout Richie Martinez had an undesirable run-in with the police after going to his academy to film some videos for his students and website.

Martinez shared the experience on social media, explaining that the police had been waiting for him in a civilian van and showing a ticket that cites him for “failure to obey public order.”

Martinez told the Jiu-Jitsu Times more about what had happened: “I couldn’t believe it myself. [The police] were outside waiting for me in the van and as soon as I open the door to officers in civilian clothes came up. And I explain to them that I was only filming some videos with two other people there and they said somebody reported me saying that we were having classes. I couldn’t believe it. I’m more annoyed that someone actually called the cops on us with only having 3 of us there.”

Martinez’s court date for the citation is in July, and he hopes to have it dismissed when the time comes.


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