RIZIN Fighter Competes In Gi – Loses by Bow And Arrow Choke

40-year old Shinya Kumazawa showed up to RIZIN 32 ready to fight in a modified gi. Unfortunately, it worked against him in the long run.

In a rule set that allowed kicks to the head of a grounded opponent, Kumazawa pulled guard and was on the receiving end of a soccer kick, a jumping stomp, and a few knees to the head before being submitted by Bow and Arrow Choke early in the 2nd-round.

His opponent, Taylor Lourenco improved his record to 1-0 in his MMA debut. Meanwhile, Kumazawa fell to 9-11. 

Will this be the last time we see the gi in MMA? Or could there be another Royce out there somewhere? In modern MMA, it seems that the gi top is more damning than helpful. Let us know your take.


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