Roberto Atalla To Jean Jacques Machado: You Can Stick Your ‘Fake Belt’ Up ‘Your Butt’

Left image: Facebook/Roberto Atalla Right image: Facebook/Jean Jacques Machado

Roberto Atalla is not pulling any punches with Jean Jacques Machado.

Yesterday in a Facebook post, Master Jean Jacques told anyone who doubted the legitimacy of his red-and-black coral belt to “come and get it.”

Atalla responded in the comments section, saying he didn’t want Jean Jacques’ “fake belt.” Atalla also issued a challenge to Master Machado, telling him to come and shut his mouth.

I never watned your f**king fake belt, you can stick up your butt, or try to sell it, whatever fancies your imagination, corrupt snake oil salesman. You dont want more words, come shut my mouth then!

Go learn maths, and respect the sport that pays your bills and wait for due time, CHEATER!

As this post was on Jean Jacques’ Facebook page, most of the people responding to Professor Atalla were supportive of Jean Jacques. One commentator suggested Atalla take his complaints up with Grand Master Rickson Gracie, considering he is the one who promoted Jean Jacques to coral belt.

Rickson, of course, recently dealt with controversy himself after he was not only promoted to red belt early by IBJJF standards — a person would have to be 67 to get a red belt; Rickson is only 59 — but skipped red-and-white coral belt.

But as I pointed out in a previous article, IBJJF guidelines are not laws, so it’s hard to argue that someone is worthy or unworthy of his or her rank.

For this reason, I don’t see the war between Jean Jacques and Roberto Atalla ending anytime soon.




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