Roberto Atalla Once Called Jean Jacques Machado A ‘Legend’

Roberto Atalla/Instagram

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re no doubt aware of the ongoing online battle between Rio Grappling Club owner Roberto Atalla and coral belt Jean Jacques Machado.

It appears things between them weren’t always so hostile, though.

At one point, Professor Atalla referred to Jean Jacques as a “legend” and even studied under him.

In an Instagram post from April 26, 2015, Atalla wrote:

Bjj legends Rickson Gracie and Jean Jacques Machado. I was privileged to learn from both back in the 90’s and still remember precious details and basic moves from the best BJJ’er Rickson Gracie. Hope to learn more from him and increase my knowledge in order to better teach my students. @riograpplingclub #bjjwithoutborders #bjj #grappling #ricksongracie #riograpplingclub

What happened between the two that made Roberto Atalla change his mind?

We’ll ask him to find out.



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