Roberto Jimenez Scores Worlds No-Gi Gold and Black Belt in One Day

Teen brown belt assassin and Alliance standout Roberto Jimenez didn’t win his division finals at Worlds No-Gi today. But he did take home open gold, and then got promoted to black belt, so we don’t think he’s mourning the early loss too much.

It wasn’t very long ago that Jimenez ascended to brown belt after one of the more mind-blowing performances at purple belt in recent memory. (ICYMI: He submitted ten of the world’s best purple belts, two by flying armbar, consecutively across two divisions in a single competition at 2018 Worlds.) Jimenez received that promotion from Master Jacare Cavalcanti in August 2018.

Jimenez is just 19. He has been training since he was 5. Aside from collecting submissions on world stages, he’s best known in the community for his “check your ego” message and criticism of steroid use among high level competitors.


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