Roberto Jimenez Wins Welterweight Title Against Nathan Orchard At Combat Jiu-Jitsu Worlds

Photo: Combat Jiu-Jitsu Worlds Welterweight / Blanca Marisa Garcia

Tonight’s Combat Jiu-Jitsu Worlds: The Welterweights saw sixteen men go head to head in a tournament under CJJ/EBI rules to see who would be crowned the welterweight champion.

In the end, it was Roberto Jimenez and Nathan Orchard who submitted their way to the finals, and though Jimenez was quickly crowned the victor, their match wasn’t without some controversy.


Roberto Jimenez vs. Nathan Orchard

A scramble on the feet finished with Orchard arm-dragging Jimenez and ending up below his opponent in north-south. After delivering a few strikes to Orchard’s torso, Jimenez allowed Orchard to bridge and rotate. Jimenez nearly took the back, then ended up on the bottom and transitioned to a triangle. As Jimenez went to extend Orchard’s trapped arm, the referee stopped the match. Orchard seemed to deny tapping, but the decision was final, and Jimenez was declared the winner by submission at a minute and eighteen seconds into regulation, claiming the CJJ welterweight title.

Round 1:

  • Roberto Jimenez def. Adrian Madrid via arm-triangle
  • Jim Alers def. Bobby Emmons via rear naked choke
  • Vinicius de Jesus def. Mikey Gonzalez via choke (OT)
  • JZ Cavalcante def. Tom Gallicchio via arm triangle
  • Martin Gonzalez def. Nick Ronan via fastest escape (OT)
  • Derek Rayfield def. Jacob Boysen via dead orchard
  • Danny Stolfi def. Todd Walling via kneebar
  • Nathan Orchard def. Patricio Carballo via toehold


  • Roberto Jimenez def. Jim Alers via triangle-armbar
  • JZ Cavalcante def. Vinicius de Jesus via choke (OT)
  • Derek Rayfield def. Martin Gonzalez via armlock
  • Nathan Orchard def. Danny Stolfi via heel hook


  • Roberto Jimenez def. JZ Cavalcante via rear naked choke
  • Nathan Orchard def. Derek Rayfield via kneebar


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