Rodolfo Vieira Taps Fagner Rackchal Via Triangle Choke At Shooto Brazil 74

Photo by: BJJPIX

Rodolfo Vieira will also be walking about of Shoot Brazil 74 with a submission win.

Though it took him a little longer than his American Top Team teammate, Bruno Malfacine, he still managed to get the coveted finish.

Vieira took on late replacement Fagner Rackchal in Shooto´s co-main event.

Neither man did much to each other in the first round. Vieira strugged twice to land a takedown, but couldn´t accomplish anything more than pressing his opponent up against the cage.

In the second round, Rodolfo took advantage of Rackchal´s missed high kick in order to take him down with a single leg. From there, he came dangerously close to doing exactly what Malfacine accomplished in the first round, and landing an armbar. Fagner, however, was able to struggle his way out.

The third round was Vieira´s round to shine, though. He took Rackchal down with an early single leg and, after a struggle, passed out of Fagner´s half guard into full mount. From there, he pounded away at his opponent, who held on for dear life. Had Rodolfo been able to hold him there longer, he probably would have finished him there, but Fagner rolled his way out and both were up on their feet again.

It wouldn´t be for long, though. Vieira hit a double leg and again passed to mount. From there, he landed some huge shots. Fagner put his hands up to protect himself, and Rodolfo capitalized by locking in an arm triangle. Though the round only had 13 seconds left in it, Rackchal just couldn´t take the pressure, and he tapped.

American Top Team has a good reason to be proud, as both Rodolfo Vieira and Bruno Malfacine are walking out of Shooto Brazil 74 with solid finishes!



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