Romulo Barral Vs. Jake Shields Announced As Co-Main Event For 3rd Coast Grappling III Competition

The co-main event for 3rd Coast Grappling’s December 7 event has just been announced, and it’s early proof that the promotion is once again going to deliver another crazy event to the state of Texas.

Promotor Ryan McGuire has revealed that the end-of-the-year competition will feature none other than Jake Shields and Romulo Barral in a seven-minute, 195lb no-gi match, which will take place under the standard 3CG rule set.

The announcement comes in the middle of a matchup roller coaster for the promotion; they recently had to indefinitely postpone their much-hyped match between Gordon Ryan and Felipe Pena following a contract dispute with FloGrappling. However, 3CG has previously proven their ability to put together exciting matches on short notice, and it appears that they’re already on the ball with their third major event.

With Barral having recently made news for pulling out of ADCC to focus on coaching his students, this will be a great opportunity for his fans to see him in action against a challenging opponent.

McGuire said of the matchup, “Jake reached out and said Craig Jones sent him my way, and we were talking potential matchups for December. He told me his fighting weight and I remembered Romulo was in the same range and was looking to potentially do something with us for December also. Romulo didn’t want anything unless it was something that he could get up for. He has a ton of respect for Jake and really liked that match, so we worked out the details and it is now your co-main for Third Coast Grappling Championship III live here in Houston.”


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