Ryan Hall Doesn’t Heel Hook Anyone But Still Wins at UFC Sacramento

Grappler Ryan Hall’s kicks are looking extra crispy these days. His UFC Sacramento matchup against Darren Elkins tonight actually lasted long enough for him to show them off, and they were…well, look:

Elkins, a solid opponent for Hall, held on through the submission attempt and ultimately went the distance, but it was Hall whose hand was raised in the center of the ring. And while he did indeed hunt and roll for those heel hooks it was striking that won the match. The grappler dropped Elkins multiple times with punches in addition to those spinning back kicks, judges ruling unanimously in his favor once the final bell rung. The victory brings Hall’s record to 8-1. (Elkins, comparatively, has a record of 24-8, nearly three times the amount of cage experience.)

Here’s a few of Hall’s unconventional but cinematic highlights from the fight:


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