Sage Northcutt Tops Michel Quinones Via Unanimous Decision At UFC Norfolk

Sage Northcutt got himself back in the win column tonight in Norfolk, Virginia, at UFC Norfolk.

Sage took on Michel Quinones.

Sage was definitely putting the karate on display tonight, standing in a side stance and throwing some impressive kicks. Quinones, however, was also in the karate spirit. Northcutt tried a spinning back kick but it went over Quinones. Sage held the center of the cage and charged in with a punch and kick, but Michel got out of the way. Quinones high kick. Jab by Sage. Northcutt still held the center of the cage and pushed the action. Ax kick by Michel. Sage went in for a jumping something at the end of the round and landed on top of Quinones, but got nothing.

Sage started round 2 out with a side kick and went back to chasing Michel around the cage. Another side kick by Northcutt and another. This definitely wasn’t a grappler’s match. High kick by Sage. Now a leg kick. Another high kick. Northcutt chased Quinones around some more. He was definitely playing the offense in this fight. An exchange of punches. Michel was doing a lot of backing up. Nice 1-2 by Sage. Quinones went in with a kick and Sage returned. Huge takedown by Northcutt at the end and he landed in side control. That round was all Sage Northcutt!

Michel showed a bit more aggression at the beginning of round 3. He must have known he lost round 2. Takedown attempt but both were back up on their feet. Sage quickly took over as the aggressor again. Round house to the midsection by Sage. Side kick and Michel went down but quickly got back up. Huge swing and a miss by Northcutt! Nice exchange by both, then Sage went in with a high round house. Northcutt shot in, got a huge takedown, but unfortunately he couldn’t keep it. The round was winding down and Michel must have known he had to do something big in order to win this match, but he just had no answer (besides running) from Northcutt’s kicks. Twenty seconds left and Sage went for another double leg, but he couldn’t finish it. Still, there was no question as to who won that match.

Winner by unanimous decision, Sage Northcutt!



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