Show Us Your Tats: Jiu-Jitsu Pride Tattoos From Head to Heel

We asked, you delivered.

When black belt jiujiteiros and purple belt podcasters Josh Hinger and Keenan Cornelius started chatting about jiu-jitsu tattoos on their MatBurn collaboration a few weeks ago, we wondered how the grappling community chooses to represent via permanent body mutilation. The answer? A lot of chess imagery, some creative typography, and all kind of innovative ways to weave belts and gis into various designs that normally wouldn’t include belts or gis. (Also, at least one tattoo of Disney’s Belle rolling with The Beast.)

There were too many photos submitted to include all the reader ink this time around, but here’s forty of our favorites to get your own gears turning next time you’re drunk post-competition strolling by a strange tattoo parlor with your team:

Grappler Joshua Olliff got this photo of his son winning a recent BJJ tournament done by artist Tye Harris done in Kyle, Texas.
German JiuJitsu Times reader Ranier Saemann rocking the gorilla with finger tape: “The strength of the gorilla repping the strength of the art whilst it makes you calm after a hard training session.”
From brown belt Christy Cook, who explains: “I love Star Wars and I love jiu-jitsu and wanted something different. I wanted to get a storm trooper in a gi. However, my coworker suggested I get an ewok because, “They look like they should be nice and cuddly but they aren’t, just like you.” Oss, Christy.  
Property of traveler Simone Kostenzer, and yes that IS a shot of tequila just beneath it.
Shoutout to Tabatha Besnier for saving on real estate by managing to combine Disney and grappling in a single tattoo.
You stay classy, Craig Hamilton.
Karianne Gelinas Carrillo writes: “This is in memory of my professor, Ramon Diaz, who was murdered on March 28, 2018. “TIME!” was what he’d yell at the end of every round. I can still hear it in my head. I’m a black belt so hopefully it means I merit a BJJ tattoo.”

Reader Sue Cavazos is filling this one in as she goes.
Inked onto Kevin Harris.
We have no idea if Christian Gonzalez did actually got this tattoo, but we sure hope he did. (You know the reason he didn’t tap though, right?)
Jodi Schwartz shows off her journey so far.
David Porter’s team spirit runs skin deep.
Krista Carr, aka The Octopus, got her grappling nickname because she’s all legs and can escape out of the tiniest of openings.
Jeffery Donovan keeping it old school.
Boyd Cochennic feels if you’re going to do something, you should do it all the way.
Karen Hang got this piece done in North Dakota.
From Lou D.: “I got this backpiece about 5 years ago after seeing it online.  It was after I got my blue belt and really made my commitment to being a lifelong practitioner of jiu-jitsu. I was able to track down the artist Chris Bones and found out he was a purple belt at the time (now black belt). I currently train at AOJ and recently received my brown belt.”

Because Johnathan Burdine doesn’t settle for just one.
Dustin Long turning the chess imagery bloody.
Danny Duckworth’s panel by Ronnie Byerly.
John Hickman doesn’t just rep a gym, he goes full Helio.
Josafat Gonzalez is keeping track.
Nicolas Davila’s bear piece, by Jose Camarillo in Seattle.
Kaleb Kingsbury, belt shark.
Ali O’Brien: “My present after losing 80lbs and obtaining my blue belt. It’s my motivation to stay in shape, keep working hard, and get my black belt someday.”
Felipe Almeida combined BJJ and alchemical imagery for the most esoteric of all our submissions.
Christine Kramer says this piece reminds her to never give up.
Trevor Cutter Sr.
Matt Howell with a very fair warning.
Albert Ramos’s design says if you know, then you know.
One man wolf pack Thiago Almeida.
From Kevin Harris.
Shaun Bank goes freestyle.
What size gi does the Hulk wear, Michael Shaw?
Ray Wesolowski’s arm.
Christopher Corbett’s crossface taunts opponents.
Subtle, Scott Boykin.
Easter Robinson’s shoulder, claimed.
Jay Dennis went the way of the samurai.
Austin Burns, throwing chakas for life.

Tap tap.
Are these IBJJF legal though, Sam?


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