Someone Stole A VERY Expensive Bike From UFC Fighter Justin Gaethje

Whatever mistakes may keep you lying awake at night, just be thankful that stealing a very expensive bike from Justin Gaethje isn’t one of them.

The UFC lightweight fighter shared the upsetting news that his bike was stolen from his garage in Denver. Unfortunately for the suspect, Gaethje’s security camera caught the incident, and the fighter is looking to hire a private investigator.

Gaethje shared the photos of the man he believes stole his bike, along of a photo of the bike itself.

This is no casual bicycle, either — Rambo makes electric bikes designed for hunting and other rugged outdoorsy activities. The bikes are designed to navigate rugged terrain and be extremely durable, and the one stolen from Gaethje retails for about $4,700.

TMZ reports that Gaethje was doing yardwork and stepped inside for about fifteen minutes. In that time, the thief made off with the bike, and it was another eight minutes before Gaethje came back outside.

Hopefully, Gaethje can get his bike back soon. And remember, kids — don’t steal from anyone, but especially not trained fighters.


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